List of most usable wordpress themes till 2013

If you are serious about promoting your business online, you need some of the best themes for your WordPress based sites or blogs. WordPress has a wide range of themes available for business class people, which can help you in creating some of the best sites. These themes carry a wide range of amazing features, which could play their part in making you successful in your online presence. These themes are armed with a number of back end user friendly functionalities, aesthetically rich designs, and many plugins, which can help you in embarking with quality blogs or sites. Now, let’s check the list of some of the most usable WordPress themes, which are still popular in 2013 as under:


nimble wordpress theme

This theme is among the best responsive themes, which is armed with so many features that you would like to have at your WordPress based sites. If you are looking out for some responsive theme, which is competent to work out of the box and comes with a wide range of customization options, consider Nimble and you will never regret having the same. This theme helps you to manage your site/blog without any hassle and the best part is you do not require any technical background to start working with it. You could very easily help in designing even the most complex and aesthetically rich design layouts without worrying much about knowing some advance techniques. With the easy to use page template, you could end up creating a number of sitemaps, galleries, blog feeds, etc.


origin wordpress theme

This theme is among the best ones for photographers and other creative people dealing with pictures and images. Origin is basically a stylish grid based theme, which narrates a story with the help of different images. If you belong to any creative field and looking out for any WordPress theme to showcase your work before your target audience consider using Origin.


BIGBANG wordpress theme

This is among the most beautiful and nicely coded WordPress themes carrying a good structure, which makes it compatible for all the devices used to access the internet. Bigbang simply differs from the traditional templates, which offers a wide range of layout options and at the same time promise you to convert your site into something incredible, which you have never ever seen before. This theme also helps you in importing number of images from several social media sites and helps in displaying the pictures in different ways. The Google Map, flexslider, sliding graph and several other features are the part and parcel of this theme.


contago wp theme

This is among the most elegant and beautiful themes having simple and clean designs, which is the most ideal for any kind of business sites or blogs. If you use this theme in your site the coming visitors would find it easy to explore your website. The elements are very much delineated from each other, leaving behind no clues as what goes where. Also, you have the option of customizing the header and the footer, which can add some personal touch to your site. The navigation bar simply contains a custom menu, which can allow you to showcase the number of pages you like.

Final word

WordPress is known to have a number of themes, which can help you in creating some of the best sites or blog for your business. These above themes are some of the best usable ones, which are still popular in the year 2013 and would be used in the future as well.

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