15 Beautiful WordPress Themes for Photographers

When you’re a photographer looking for a WordPress theme for your blog, there’s one main thing you want it to do – put your photos front and centre. WordPress is a fantastic content management system for a lot of different things, but it does mean that standard themes won’t always cut it. Photography themes do a much better job of showcasing your portfolio, of stripping away everything that’s unnecessary so that it’s just the visitor and your iconic photographs.

We’ve brought together a showcase of premium WordPress themes that were designed from the ground up just for photographers like you. They each do an amazing job of removing the clutter and putting the focus on your work – and we hope you find the collection useful.


DeepFocus wordpress theme

DeepFocus helps you proudly display your work, and uses a lightbox to show off each photograph in full.


origin wordpress theme

Origin makes it easy to see all of your work in one quick glance, and let’s you drill down to individual photos with ease.


Flexible wordpress theme

Flexible is a theme that comes with a beautifully designed portfolio section – and allows you to show your work off elegantly on the blog homepage.


Momento wordpress theme

Momento is a beautifully designed theme that’s responsive, allows for multiple photo galleries and displays your images using the full width of the page.


Knead wordpress theme

Knead is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that perfectly suits photography. It makes use of large imagery and effective white space to give everything room to breathe.


Picks wordpress theme

Picks is a beautiful theme that uses the full width of the browser for the background image in the header, and then displays your photos with short captions separated elegantly with white space.



Personal allows you to add a story to each photograph with a beautiful design that also focuses on clean, readable typography and a great use of white space.


Fashion9 wordpress theme

Fashion9 replaces the background of the browser window with your photograph, for that perfect full-screen view. The navigation is kept always within reach, but tastefully tucked away.


Victoria wordpress theme

Victoria is a fairly minimalist theme that suits all types of photography, but is especially stunning for black and white images.


Fluxus wordpress theme

Fluxus is a minimalist, clean portfolio theme for your photography. The horizontal layout helps you showcase your photos side by side, and it hides the photo details until you hover over it – enabling you to show your work off uninterrupted.


Valerie WordPress theme

Valerie is a WordPress theme that helps you show off your work using large background images that render beautifully on mobile devices as well as desktop, and comes included with some quirky, interesting animation effects.


FullScene wordpress theme

FullScene uses the background to show off your photos, and allows you to overlay the title and a short description beautifully.

Brick + Mason

Brick + Mason wordpress theme

Brick + Mason has a responsive layout that adjusts to your browser size, to make an effect use of space. The layout is clean, simple and unfussy and helps to show your work off side by side.

Responsive Fullscreen Studio

Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive Fullscreen Studio theme  designed for photographers and creative artists and comes with Light and Dark with theme options supporting multicolor customization of theme elements using color pickers.


notebook wordpress theme

Notebook is an awesome multimedia wordpress theme that takes advantage of WordPress post formats and advanced CSS3 animations. The theme design is unique, highly engaging and will impress your visitors.

Have you found any examples of beautifully designed WordPress themes that are perfect for photographers? Please do let us know in the comments.

Dan writes for The Handpicked Collection and The Handpicked Foodstore. Outside of work he studies graphic and web design and tries to improve his Photoshop skills.

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