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Earlier, people communicated and sent their messages using pigeons, landline phones, then mobile phones, and with the growth of the Internet, they started sending emails. Smartphones made this communication much easier. Due to the era of mobile communication, there are more and more applications that help us to get in touch with each other. The success of the messaging application can be explained by its ease of use and the cross-platform availability.

Say goodbye to e-mails and welcome the new format of messaging! Applications for mobile messaging have the functions of social networks along with the whole range of other perks. The design of instant messengers is simple and convenient, that in tandem with poly-functionality ensures the growth of their popularity.

Viber logo

Viber allows you to contact the world not only through the mobile application, but also through the computer. The application runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows 10, as well as on iOS and Android. It is quite easy to use. Viber allows you to send text messages, make high-quality voice calls, share photos and stickers.

The logo of the messenger is a calling phone on a purple background. Previously, the purple color was the most expensive in production, therefore it was considered to be an elite one. It symbolizes uniqueness. The calling phone tells consumers that the opportunity to contact the subscriber will be everywhere where there is an access point.


The interface of the WhatsApp application is simple. The messenger allows you to use photo, video and audio, as well as a group chat. Nifty features include the ability to backup a chat in iCloud and automatically save messages.

WhatsApp logo is a rectangular green colored cloud of conversation with a tube inside. Green means that the line for communication is always free and you can call anywhere. The green color is perceived by consumers positively and helps to handle the information better. The handset is removed, that also symbolizes the freedom of communication and the ability to make calls anywhere in the world.

Fashion and tastes are changeable, so the company went on to rebrand the logo. The tube was replaced by dots. If you connect them, you get the letter W, which symbolizes the connection between people. The green color was replaced by blue. It symbolizes the reliability of the connection and causes trust. The blue color is used by most companies from the field of the Internet business and finance.

Google Hangouts

Under the pressure of the instant messengers’ popularity, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc., Google has combined the capabilities of Google Talk and Google+, giving users the opportunity not only to correspond but also to conduct online broadcasts, videoconferences. The application supports animated stickers, images, location settings and voice and video groups. The messenger allows you to record on a common virtual board and jointly schedule a calendar of meetings.

The application logo is quoted on a dark green background. Quotes are like clouds of conversation between two people. And color indicates the wealth of opportunities provided by the messenger.


Skype is instant messages, voice or video calls. Communication is free, regardless of the device. There is an opportunity to call a mobile or landline number for free. Through Skype, you can not only correspond but also share photos, send video messages. Skype is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The messenger is considered to be the most popular instant messaging application.

The Skype logo is the letter S on a blue background with overflows. The background of the logo is similar to the connected clouds of conversations between two people.

In fact, the full brand logo is the icon and the word “Skype”, written in the corporate font Microsoft.


With the Telegram messenger, you can send text messages, photos, videos and files of any type. There are bots to help you learn the latest news, weather, and other things. Telegram specializes in messages and does not yet offer video calls, but voice calls are already available. The messenger is available as a web application for Windows, MacOS and Linux computers. The application also works on Android and iOS.

Messenger logo is a paper airplane, symbolizing the possibility of contacting a subscriber from anywhere in the world where there is a network.


Snapchat specializes in sending multimedia messages with a self-destruct function after all recipients view them. Initially, the application allowed you to share only photos. Today through Snapchat you can send photos to friends, communicate via video chat and make short videos. Snapchat is an application-gateway to the world of teenagers, but its real genius is to fix a beautiful and fun everyday life.

The Snapchat logo is one of the most striking and interesting logos for instant messengers.

The messenger icon is a funny ghost on a yellow background. A playful logo was created in 2011 and signifies ephemeral messages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook made Messenger the only way to communicate via Facebook on smartphones and tablets, forcing users to download the application. The monthly audience of the messenger is about 1 billion people. To use Messenger, you do not need to have a Facebook account, just specify the name and your phone number and you can correspond, send short video messages and the coordinates of your stay and play games. Another feature of the messenger is the filtering of correspondence to protect users from spam. And the official name and surname of the interlocutors can be replaced by a nickname.

Facebook Messenger logo – solid geometry: a circle with an isosceles triangle of a talking cloud, inside of which three isosceles triangles formed into a zigzag, representing a lightning.


Slack is a corporate messenger that has become very popular among young business teams (the team of technicians in the Guardian and Observer uses it). The application has a beautiful and thoughtful interface. The messenger is bright and funny, allows you to use all kinds of materials: gif, PDF, docs, video.

The logo of the messenger is a color hashtag of mustard, crimson, light bottle and blue colors.

So which of these messengers is the most popular? And which has the best design that can be easily recognized?

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