12 Tips To Increase Subscribers To Your Blog

Every blogger wants to see hundred thousands of numbers against their blog whether it’s about their daily blog traffic, Fans list on Facebook page, Twitter followers or subscribers to their blogs. In today’s post, I’m going to discuss some techniques blogger can use to increase the number of subscribers multiple times to their blogs.

Increase Subscribers To Your Blog

1. RSS Icons On Prominent Positions

The biggest mistake lots of bloggers make is that they don’t show RSS icons on prominent positions on their blogs. You should aim at showing your RSS icon and email subscription form above the fold on your blog or even in your blog header section. Make sure RSS Subscription facility should be available on all of your blog pages and RSS icons should be professional looking.

2. Subscription Process Should Be Small

You should keep the subscription process as small as you can and should ask readers to fill minimum fields. No one loves to follow long process and filling too many fields when subscribing to a blog.

3. Regular Content Coming

You should make sure that you blog publish new content on daily basis and if possible 2-3 posts per day. Readers on your blog always love new content coming on the topics of their interest.

4. While Commenting On Other Blogs

Lots of bloggers comments on the blogs of their interest to build traffic, for backlinkng and for building brand for their blogs. You can think of using your RSS Feed URL in place of your website URL to send additional traffic to your RSS feed so that additional number of people can subscribe to your blog RSS feed.

5. Offer eBooks As Gift Of Subscription

Lots of bloggers write an ebook around the topics their blog reader’s interest and offer it as a gift when their blog readers subscribe blog RSS Feeds. You can get hundreds and even thousands of subscribers to your blog by creating an ebook for your blog readers and offers it for free to your blog readers as a freebie when they subscribe to your blog RSS.

6. Providing Quality Content

Most importantly, you should aim at proving quality content on your blog. You should focus on adding content related to your blog niche and don’t publish off topic content on your blog as in that case you are taking risk of losing some of your existing subscribers.

7. Showing Your Current RSS Subscribers Count

You can think of showing your RSS Feed Subscribers count on your blog if you have decent number of subscribers to your blog right now. Higher number of subscribers on your blog will motivate others to subscribe to your blog. But there is no use of showing RSS Feed Counter if there are very few subscribers to you blog right now. You can show your current RSS subscribers counter using FeedBurner services.

8. Using Guest Blogging

People use guest blogging for driving additional traffic and for their brand recognition in the blogosphere. So while submitting your guest post to other bloggers in your niche, make sure you provide the best of your work so that your guest post get accepted and people actually click on your website links after it gets live. You can even think of adding a link to your RSS Feed as part of your Author Bio in the guest post.

9. Blogging Communities

Add your blog to some of popular blogging communities created in your niche and be active in the discussions going on those communities. Lots of users in these communities will be interested in visiting your blog and some will even subscribe to your blog RSS.

10 Be Active On Discussion Forums

If you have a blog created around seo, blogging, money making or related topics, go and find out some discussion forums created around these topics and actively participate in the ongoing discussions there. Most of discussion forums will allow you to place a link to your website or even your RSS Feed in the signature section. So your links will be available on all threads you reply to or you start.

11. Including A Tag Line With Each Post

You can think of including a tag line at the end of each post on your blog. This will serve as a reminder to those people who read any of your blog posts. From there, they will be able to subscribe to your blog RSS or can follow you on Twitter without searching for your website header, sidebars etc for subscription links and icons.

12. Hold A Contest On Your Blog

Offering freebies or contests will going to remain popular in the blogosphere to get some targeted action from your blog readers. So if you have a high traffic blog, running a blog contest where you are supposed to give some prizes to the winner of contest will help you increase your website subscriber’s by even thousands overnight.

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