Firefox Themes – 60 Most Popular Themes You Must See

Firefox is a free, open source and most reliable web browser till now. Today I will share with you some cool Firefox Themes. The list has been prepared according to the popularity of these themes. The screen shot and a little description has been included for each theme. I personally liked ‘Classic Remix of Windows 7′ theme and definitely recommend it. Enjoy most popular Firefox Themes!

1. NASA Night Launch – Firefox Theme

Dark theme for Firefox. Inspired by the night launch of STS-116. This theme is for people who like it dark. If you’re running a dark desktop then this is for you. So zip up your flight suit, make sure your harness is secure, and enjoy the ride.

 NASA Night Launch - Firefox Theme

2. Gradient iCool (Blue) – Firefox Theme

Light up your Firefox with this black and blue theme. This theme is now compatible with Personas, Colorful Tabs, Tab Mix Plus, ChromaTabs Plus, etc.

Gradient iCool (Blue) - Firefox Theme

3. Strata40 – Firefox Theme

Inspired by Firefox 4 mockups. This theme aims to give the user an interface as close to the new Firefox 4 mockups as possible.

Strata40 - Firefox Theme

4. ACE Foxdie – Firefox Theme

All-In-One foxy suit (Stylish and full color schemes)

ACE Foxdie - Firefox Theme

5. Silvermel – Firefox Theme

A Creamy Silvery Experience. This theme is a modification from the fantastic theme Charamel.

Silvermel - Firefox Theme

6. RedShift V3 – Firefox Theme

The next generation Firefox theme. RedShift V3 pushes Firefox to it’s limits. Fully skinned and fully functional, RedShift V3 gives you the aesthetic pleasure you want with an advanced program.

RedShift V3 - Firefox Theme

7. Blue Fox – Firefox Theme

This theme is the Blue version of Bloody Red called Blue Fox.It works with FF 3.0.* 3.1b and 3.5. It is really nice. The mixture between the blue and black is cool and it is perfect for people who like dark themes.

Blue Fox - Firefox Theme

8. Black Steel – Firefox Theme

A dark sleek theme for people who like dark themes.

Black Steel - Firefox Theme

9. Chromifox Basic – Firefox Theme

Chromifox Basic is a coat of Chrome for Firefox. It’s a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser and its open source roots, Chromium.

Chromifox Basic -  Firefox Theme

10. Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) – Firefox Theme

This is a fully skinned version. This theme is based on the Noia 2.0 icon set by Carlitus( ).

Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) - Firefox Theme

11. Office 2007 Black – Firefox Theme

A theme based on the Office 2007 Black colours. Integrates well with the Windows XP Zune theme, the default Vista graphite colours, and the MetaCity-Zune theme on Ubuntu

Office 2007 Black - Firefox Theme

12. LavaFox V1-Blue – Firefox Theme

A dark and hot theme for Firefox. Fully skinned, every window and menu. Custom throbbers and toolbar icons. Cool animations on scrollbars and progressbar.

LavaFox V1-Blue - Firefox Theme

13. MacOSX – Firefox Theme

MacOSX theme for Firefox 3.5.

MacOSX - Firefox Theme

14. Black Stratini – Firefox Theme

Another theme for people who like dark theme. All highlights are in dark blue, as blue is the most common highlight color for Windows and Mac color schemes. Black Stratini uses Stratini Padded icons and spacing in Large Icons mode and Stratini icons in Small Icons and Teeny modes.

Black Stratini - Firefox Theme

15. FennecFox – Firefox Theme

This theme is based on the default theme for Firefox Mobile, Fennec. The original designs were created by Sean Martell.

FennecFox - Firefox Theme

16. A Bloody Red Firefox Theme

This Theme works with FF 3.0.* and FF 3.5. It is really nice. The mixture between the red and black is cool and it is perfect for people who like dark themes.

A Bloody Red Firefox Theme

17. Walnut – Firefox Theme

Walnut for a wooden look and feel. Walnut is a complete skin redesign so that all windows, widgets, panels, and even the addons have a wooden look and feel. Supports many extensions

Walnut - Firefox Theme

18. Ambient Fox Xyan – Firefox Theme

Cyan glow Ambient Firefox theme, Works with 3.0-3.5.x

Ambient Fox Xyan - Firefox Theme

19. ANTHEM – Firefox Theme

ANTHEM is a take on originality and recent UI trends for Firefox web browsing. It was built on the original Mac theme that comes OOB with the FF3 install.

ANTHEM - Firefox Theme

20. MushroomKingdom 2 – Firefox Theme

MushroomKingdom is a theme for all of the Super Mario Bros. fans out there. It features a landscape-style background, colorful icons with personality, and pipe scrollbars (coming soon).

MushroomKingdom 2 - Firefox Theme

21. Revelation 3.6 – Firefox Theme

Firefox the way it should look. Glassy Deep Red buttons on a shiny black toolbar makes this theme a must have for fans of dark themes.

Revelation 3.6 - Firefox Theme

22. AvantGarde Nightlife – Firefox Theme

Dark, sexy, but most of all, professional. Who can resist the scintillating rich colours and mysterious dark hues of Nightlife?

AvantGarde Nightlife - Firefox Theme

23. Vfox – Firefox Theme

Clean, professional and elegant. Apple style with Firefox

Vfox - Firefox Theme

24. Charamel – Firfefox Theme

A Creamy firefox them with sugary experience

Charamel - Firfefox Theme

25. God of War – Firefox Theme

A theme based on the God of War game series. It’s made for those who enjoy a dark theme. Toolbar icons are big. If you’re looking for minimalism, then this theme isn’t for you. (Although, when set to “small icon mode” the viewable window isn’t very different from the most popular themes at AMO)

God of War - Firefox Theme

26. Camifox – Firefox Theme

Camifox is elegant, crisp, and colorful. It’s a thoughtful and sophisticated reimagination and realization of a better “default”-like theme for Firefox, in living color on all platforms, inspired by the appearance of the excellent Camino browser.

Camifox - Firefox Theme

27. Qute – Firefox Theme

Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear and colorful icons. Qute is the oldest available theme for Mozilla Firefox and was the default theme for a while before Firefox reached 1.0.

Qute - Firefox Theme

28. Go Green – Firefox Theme

Go Green Firefox theme for Green Ecology enthusiasts. Currently only supported by Windows OS.

Go Green - Firefox Theme

29. Rein – Firefox Theme

Mearning for rein in German is pure. The simple theme of the color scheme of OS. It dyes to your color.

Rein - Firefox Theme

30. Past Modern – Firefox Theme

A theme based on the SeaMonkey Modern theme. This theme doesn’t support User Interfaces for Right-To-Left Languages and Windows Touch of Windows 7

Past Modern - Firefox Theme

31. Red Cats (blue flavor) – Firefox Theme

There can never be too many cats! Turn your Firefox into Firecat and enjoy browsing in the furry company. The theme is also available in green flavor.

Red Cats (blue flavor) - Firefox Theme

32. PinkHope – Firefox Theme

PinkHope is a Firefox theme for Breast Cancer awareness. It’s very pink and is one way you can help spread awareness at home, school or work without saying a word. The bright colors and pink ribbon are enough to let anyone know the cause.

PinkHope - Firefox Theme

33. Pink-bee – Firefox Theme

A pink theme for a better browser, with nice bees, which should appeal to children. This theme was created for the Firefox browser is a little more fun to use for you and your children, this theme “Pink-bee” is easy to use.

Pink-bee - Firefox Theme

34. Slickerfox – Firefox Theme

Slicker, simpler, smaller, flatter and fuller foxier. Simplicity and intuitive control is the overall goal of this firefox theme.

Slickerfox - Firefox Theme

35. FoxWorld – Firefox Theme

The World like theme for Firefox. Excellent skin, simple and clean

FoxWorld - Firefox Theme

36. OldFactory Black – Firefox Theme

With this theme, dress your Firefox in an old-fashioned garment. This is the basic “black edition” of OldFactory.

OldFactory Black - Firefox Theme

37. PimpZilla – Firefox Theme

This Firefox Theme is probably the most tacky & overdone piece of GUI design ever. Accept no less: Surf in style and browse like a king!

PimpZilla - Firefox Theme

38. Utopia FFSE White – Firefox Theme

The fox meets Utopia. Very nice Firefox Theme available in different color variations.

Utopia FFSE White - Firefox Theme

39. Glaze Black – Firefox Theme

A dark, glassy, almost flat theme. Basic iconography has been recycled from the Utopia theme.

Glaze Black - Firefox Theme

40. Blu Canidae – Firefox Theme

A modified iFox with Photoshop CS3 style icons. This was designed to be a cleaner, blue version of iFox.

Blu Canidae - Firefox Theme

41. MonoChrome – Firefox Theme

A monochrome version of the default windows firefox 3-3.6.* theme, Strata.

MonoChrome - Firefox Theme

42. Purity – Firefox Theme

A theme without visual spam. Simple flat designs tend to be more appealing than overly decorated ones. The toolbar icons are inspired by the Naver theme.

Purity - Firefox Theme

43. GrayModern – Firefox Theme

GrayModern2 is a port of popular classic GrayModern Mozilla Firefox theme. It is based on original themes by Bernie Zimmermann and Johannes Schellen.

GrayModern - Firefox Theme

44. Dark Revisited – Firefox Theme

A dark theme, but with more balance than most dark themes.

Dark Revisited - Firefox Theme

45. Mythical Sirens Summer Night – Firefox Theme

Mythical Sirens Summer Night, feral beauty in a deep purple garden, blossoming to midnight fireworks. Decorative surrealist browser theme featuring mythical flora and fauna.

Mythical Sirens Summer Night - Firefox Theme

46. Phoenity Next – Firefox Theme

A simple and colorful theme for everyone, with a new style

Phoenity Next - Firefox Theme

47. Cold Night – Firefox Theme

Another dark Theme for Firefox

Cold Night - Firefox Theme

48. Classic Remix for Windows 7

Remix of Classic Theme with some modifications for Windows 7 compability. Toolbar buttons in style of Firefox 3.7.

Classic Remix for Windows 7

49. Stratini – Firefox Theme

Compact theme inspired by Strata.

Stratini - Firefox Theme

50. Vista Red – Firefox Theme

A mix of Vista and XP strata themes for Firefox 3 in Red.

Vista Red - Firefox Theme

51. Simple Green – Firefox Theme

A refreshingly clean, compact theme combination for both Mozilla Firefox and its companion mailnews client, Thunderbird.

Simple Green - Firefox Theme

52. Kempelton Large – Firefox Theme

Bigger version of the Kempelton theme. Try to check ‘Use Small Icons’ when using this theme if you want less big icons. Use the standard Kempelton theme instead if you want a more typical icon size.

Kempelton Large - Firefox Theme

53. Baby Blue – Firefox Theme

This is BabyBlue theme for Firefox 3.5. BabyBlue is a clean and soft light blue theme for Firefox. This theme implements Preferences, Download, Extensions, and many other of the Firefox panels. All with a lighter soft blue color.

Baby Blue - Firefox Theme

54. Fopera – Opera 10 on Firefox

Default skin from the popular browser, Opera 10. Doesn’t work on Mac.

Fopera - Opera 10 on Firefox

55. Brazil Firefox Theme

With the World Cup coming up, don’t we need a theme for the best soccer team in the world?

Brazil Firefox Theme

56. Devious Green – Firefox Theme

A theme based on the color scheme of

Devious Green - Firefox Theme

57. Foxscape – Firefox Theme

A full featured retro theme for Firefox based on Netscape Communicator 4.8 on Windows.

Foxscape - Firefox Theme

58. Lovely Lilac – Firefox Theme

This is LovelyLilac theme now available for Firefox 3.5. LovelyLilac is a clean and soft lilac color theme for Firefox.

Lovely Lilac - Firefox Theme

59. RulerDark – Firefox Theme

RulerDark is a simple to use and install dark theme for your Firefox browser.

RulerDark - Firefox Theme

60. Phoenity Modern – Firefox Theme

Phoenity based on the SeaMonkey Modern theme.

Phoenity Modern - Firefox Theme

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