The Benefits of Using WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is a blog platform that provides a free blogs site for bloggers.  However, most of the experienced bloggers prefer to use a self-hosted WordPress blog with their own personal domain to boost up their blog marketing. Here are some of the reasons why it is advantageous to use WordPress in blogs.

The Advantages of Using WordPress

1. Google Friendly

wordpress google friendly

One of the reasons why blogs is created is to improve SEO.  With good search engine rankings, there is a bigger chance that a blog site or domain will appear at the web pages of major search engines. Google is one of the most popular search engines today and because of that a blogger needs to create a blog that is Google friendly.  This is the reason why it is advantageous to use WordPress since it has always been a friend of Google.

2. Self-hosted

wordpress self hosting

It is not bad to use the free version of WordPress since it works fine. However, using the free version of WordPress will not guarantee that your blogs will stay there forever; there is always a risk that your blogs will be deleted after a period of time.  By using a self-hosted WordPress, one will be assured that no one will be to touch his/her own blogs. Furthermore it is very affordable since its monthly fee is only five dollars.

3. Design Themes

wordpress design themes

WordPress provide different generic designs that one can use at once when trying to create a blog domain but it also allows anyone to customize their own design theme.  WordPress generic deign themes can be perfect if it will only be used for posting blogs. However, for affiliate marketers, it is advisable for them to customize the design theme. Affiliate marketers always need to have unique design for their blog domain in order to standout from other sites and stay ahead of the competition.
Choosing an appropriate design is not a problem since there are 1,000 themes that are directly loaded to WordPress that anyone can choose from.  Furthermore, bloggers are also free to use their own design themes by uploading it or have it created by professional web designers.

4. Plug-ins

Wordpress Plugins


Plugins are programs that are used to do a specific function in someone’s blog site.  Plug-ins are considered to be one of the most valuable tool for affiliate marketers since it make their job a lot easier, faster and allows them to make more money.  There are a lot of WordPress plugins that are available on the WordPress site and approximately there are 1,000 of them and they are usually free.  It can also be easily installed since plugins only requires a few clicks of the mouse to install it.

5. Functionality

wordpress advanced

One of the reasons why one should use WordPress platform is that it is an HTML based blog platform. It only means that bloggers are free to add videos, graphics, photos and audios that are in HTML format.  With the functionality of WordPress, bloggers and affiliate marketers will be able to create blogs that will grab the attention of readers thus increasing their chances of generating sales.

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