A round up of clean WordPress themes

WordPress themes have revolutionised the internet. Now, people can have professional, clean websites almost instantly, without having to hired expensive designers. They can bring their site up to date, both in terms of design and technology, without having to take their site offline for long. They can customise their web design without needing to learn a new programming language.

Because of the popularity of WordPress themes, many web designers and programmers have created their own. The sheer number of themes means it can be hard for a website owner to find exactly what they want and need.

With that in mind, this round up has been pulled together to highlight some of the best of the new, clean WordPress themes.


trim wordpress theme

Trim is as simple and agile as WordPress themes come. Even the sample site is fun to play around with. The layout is ideal for businesses, as the slider at the top and the columns underneath can highlight to potential clients the benefits of the business.


evolution wordpress theme


Fixed wordpress theme

Fixed is a simple theme that is ideal for personal blogs or very minimalist portfolio sites. It is a photoblog theme, so it is able to showcase images, photographs and videos to a great effect. Though not as customisable as other themes, Fixed takes the guesswork out of creating clean websites that have a lot of impact.


Deadline wordpress theme

The name Deadline tells you who this theme is for: newspaper and magazine blogs. It automatically adjusts to users’ screen sizes, so the site looks great no matter which device is used to view it. It has a fully customisable home page, so it can have as many – or as few – columns, sidebars, galleries and widgets as the site owner could possibly want.



Volt is made to look like the cork board of an obsessive neat freak. It takes a clean, main column and sidebar layout and layers colour and texture over it. This creates a neat yet fun look that anyone from schoolteachers to business bloggers will want to use.


responsive portfolio

Many people these days are talking about the need for freelancers to have a portfolio career – the ability to do lots of different kind of work. That means people need portfolio websites that are flexible, that can show off their graphic design work as nicely as their videos and their articles. Angular is a great option for people who know how to create many different kinds of content but might not want to spend their time worrying about building and designing their website.


Glamour wordpress theme

For those who have a lot to say but don’t want to be overwhelming, Glamour is a great theme. It allows the user to add a large number of columns, a slider in the header, lightboxes and more, which means the site owner can organise their large amount of content easily and in a way that makes the user experience more intuitive.

This was contributed by Claire Roper on behalf of Printerinks. They specialise in selling remanufactured ink. Claire works in marketing and has a passion for web design.

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