12 Most things you need to monitor on your Website

Web designing and web search go hand in hand. Businesses need to know how they are progressing; it is the idea behind the customer feedback forms, exit surveys, suggestion boxes, etc. Without gathering feedback from the customer, monitoring the inventory, revenue, expenses and other benchmarks, businesses can expect to frame a better web performance.

In order to ensure that the websites are performing well keeping both the users and the search engine in mind, here are a few things that website owners need to monitor on their websites.

Monitoring Traffic on Website


1. Traffic totals: It is important for you to know how much traffic your website is generating. If you find that the line on the graph appears to be heading downwards then it is for you to immediately find out why.

2.Referrers: Just knowing the number of visitors you are getting may not be enough; you will also require knowing where they actually come from. It will help you gather more information for your visitors.

3. Pages viewed at each visit: If users visit just one page per visit then you need to work on convincing them to visit more pages on the site, such as the pages that can help you make money.

4. Pages visited: Make sure that you add more copies to the page in order to pull more visitors to the rest of the website.

5. Searches: You need to ensure that your website is not getting those ridiculous numbers of hits due to an inappropriate keyword search. Things may go wrong with your websites getting traffic for a term that is of little relevance to you.

6. Bounce rate: Proper use of content and linking by also creating a suitable loop for the users can boost the bounce rate by affecting it.

Monitoring Performance of Website


7. Forms: Are all of them functioning properly? A good website monitoring service will ensure that all the tabs are on. This is important since you would not want to lose thousands or even hundreds of subscribers only because some sign-up form has stopped working.

8. Download speed: Since the users can’t spend more than 8.6 seconds waiting for the page to download, it is important to ensure that the download speed is minimal. Avoid using java scripts or flashy images that take time to download.

9. Shopping carts: Websites with slow and too much complicated shopping carts are definitely responsible for billions of loss in sales. A reliable website monitoring service or professional web designers in Edmonton can help you keep a check on this.

10. Server accessibility: It is believed that all the web hosts can provide 99% accessibility. It is important to work with your hosting company to resolve the accessibility issues your website has been facing before it gets too late.

11. Server speed: If you are not facing any issues with the server speed, it can’t be guaranteed that things are fine even at the other end of the world. With the help of global website monitoring or good web designers, you can keep a check on the rising connectivity issues.

12. Browser compatibility: Make sure that your website has elements that are compatible with most of the browsers in use today.

Website monitoring is believed to play an instrumental role in the overall accessibility and usability of a website. In order to get optimum traffic, routine checks of a website are important. Since inappropriate and inconsistent performance of a website can result into huge loss, monitoring website by also drawing out loopholes and fixing them is extremely important.

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