Creative Professionals Creating Pixel-Perfect Websites for Their Clients with Webydo, See Why

Hire a designer to design the graphics of your website. Then hire a developer to hand write the HTML code for those graphics. Upload that code on a web server and hit Publish and the website will go live.

This has been the traditional method of creating websites. At least the serious website owners went that way.

However this method is long and expensive. It also marginalizes the designer’s role because 70% of the total amount spent by the client goes to the developers and only 30% is received by the designers.

The founders of Webydo couldn’t accept that. They wanted to put the designers in the driving seat so that they should earn the most. And indeed they have achieved that. Created by designers, for designers, Webydo is being used by more than 73K creative professionals around the world to create websites for their clients and grow their design agency. Let’s explore more about this below.


Webydo is the leading online design studiofor creative professional to create pixel-perfect websites without hiring a developer or writing a single line of code. This is possible because the Webydo system keeps generating the necessary HTML code automatically in the background while the designer is designing the website in the front.

In this article I will give you a brief introduction on how to create websites using the Webydo dashboard.

Webydo is not just like any other ordinary site builder. It allows you far more options and far deeper levels of design construction than the traditional site builders. Don’t trust me? Let me show you.

After registering for an account and signing in, I chose a blank canvas to design my website. The dashboard appears as shown below.

Since I am looking to unleash my creativity, I chose to start from a blank canvas. You can also begin from a basic layout or choose to customize one of the readymade design inspirations.


Now first of all let me add a header. Let’s call my website Inside Business. To get that name in the header I must click on the Text box and a rectangle will appear on the screen as shown below.


Now here I take advantage of their drag and drop feature. I dragged this box towards the top of the page and then pulled and adjusted the edges so that it should nicely fit the header.

The screenshot below shows how it looked.


Now it’s time to delete this text and insert my own text. I selected the text and hit the Delete key on my keyboard and the text was deleted. Then I wrote my own text as shown below.


Note in the screenshot above the icons in the top and in the right side bar have changed. They automatically appeared as soon as I clicked on the text.

Note in the right side bar I am selecting Gradient. This feature lets me adjust the background color of my text box and display it as a gradient instead of a solid color.

After choosing the blue color and making some adjustments the screen looked like as shown below.


Now suppose I wish to add a contact form so that my site visitors can contact me.


I clicked on the Form option out of the list of options above and a rectangle appeared as shown in the screenshot above. (Actually the form was slightly larger but I resized it to fit the screen.)

I clicked on the Text Input button and a small form got displayed within this rectangle as shown below.


Now this tiny form has three fields. Text above the form, the form, and the text below the form. I can use the drag and drop feature to display them on the screen wherever I want.

I can also replace the text with whatever I want. So I made a few adjustments then also wrote some text about the site and published it.

The final version looked like as shown below.


You can try out Webydo by signing up for a Free account and unleashing your creativity with the 73K other professional designers currently working with the platform to create websites for their clients.


This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s professional community of designers.

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