How to Use Flickr to Promote Your Design Business

Want to Use Flickr to Promote Your Design Business?

In the design world, Flickr has become the place to network and to promote your particular kind of design talent and professionalism. The interesting thing about this is that Flickr does not allow its members to promote their products or sell any kind of artwork or photography, which seems like the antitheses of good business.

a photographer

However, the network community is so strong that using Flickr properly can be a great way to generate interest in your particular expertise while also connecting with other like-minded individuals and professionals.

If you are not already using Flickr, here are a few steps to help you get started:

Have a Professional Screen Name

libday5 usernames

Don’t be cutsey.

Make your screen name professional and easy to remember. Whenever a member is searching for groups or member pages, your screen name will pop up. Someone searching for specifics with a professional flair, will be much more attracted to “” than “”.

Make Your Web Address Clear and Clean


Short and simple is the rule. Using this rull will ensure that you are easy to find and it will not be hard to copy your address. In addition, using your screen name is always a plus.

The Buddy Icon

buddyhacks 2

This is the icon that is shown whenever someone is searching for like-minded members. Make this either a decent headshot or one of your favorite designs. Don’t go with anything silly or in the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” vein. This will kill your professional possibilities with Flickr members.

Your Profile


Make sure you write a good profile. Think of it as a casual resume, explaining you and your talents. You want it well written but, at the same time, catchy and easy to read. Don’t forget links to websites, blogs and so on. Include your best design work on your page, so that your profile looks like a stellar portfolio. Never include unprofessional work or silly snapshots. Make sure that you include a concise description of every design you include.

Tag Time

"Diafragma Decafónico de Dígitos"

Include “tags” that help search engines find you. These can include your name, screen name, location and specific keywords that will drive people to your site. If you are a web designer, then use words that are specific to that medium. Don’t underestimate the importance of keywords and their ability to help you gain visitors.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Wheel in the Sky (interpretation of a build by Miki Gymnast)

Once you have established a beautiful profile page then it is time to promote yourself and your talents. Make sure you link your Flickr page on your website or any blogs you have. Utilize other social networks to link back to your Flickr page. Join in on the Flickr fun and find other groups where you can network.

Flickr is well known for its design and photo communities so find them and begin to ease into those group memberships. Groups are usually either private or by invitation only, but as you promote yourself, you will begin to find acceptance.

And the last thing? Keep promoting and never give up!

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