Picture This: How to be a Photographer with Your Cell Phone

Great images all come down to the lighting, framing, and camera. Trying to edit an image that is poorly lit, pixilized, or blurry is futile – even with the best editing software.

If you are shooting from your phone, you need a high-quality, built-in camera, like the stellar camera on the iPhone 6 Plus. Once you have a good starting base image, you can edit it to get it ready to share with the world. These are some of the best free apps for editing your good images to make them great.

Photo Editor by Aviary


Image via iTunes.Apple.com

The beautiful photo editing app that Aviary created allows you to take burst shots so you can capture the ideal image. You can then remove blemishes, adjust settings, add filters, and more. Stickers and borders can turn an image into something really unique to share. Users particularly appreciate the numerous free options available within this app.

Autodesk Pixlr


Image via iTunes.Apple.com

With an auto adjust setting, Autodesk Pixlr intelligently suggests photo adjustments for you. The app also features plenty of manual adjustment tools, filter packages, text capabilities and stickers for those who want to go beyond automatic editing. After adjusting your image, share it on various social media platforms or save it in your choice of image size.


If you want the control of a desktop editing app available right on your phone, the Snapspeed editing app is probably what you are looking for. The app can auto adjust or be used to manually manipulate the image. A variety of brushes help you edit select areas of the image. Spot repair helps you clean up the flecks of dust or other problems in the image. Ambience can alter the depth of field to help the picture feel more focused and intimate.

Photo Mirror Effect


Image via itunes.Apple.com

Have you ever seen those striking pictures of a dual image, mirrored next to itself? Photo Mirror Effect is a highly rated free app that blends the reflected line to make the image have a strange and otherworldly feel. Users often create these mirror images to highlight the subject, especially in a stylish or fine art shot. The Photo Mirror Effect app goes beyond just flipping and combining images — users can also add images to creative layouts, mimic dimensional effects, and more.

PicShop Lite

Another photo editing suite for mobile use, PicShop Lite provides options for quickly editing your image in detail. Rotate, crop, and adjust your picture in the app. Test out the built-in filters to save time and see special effects on your image. Discover your theme colors and share your image when you are finished with the editing.

Don’t miss out on another amazing photo moment or precious memory with a camera that is difficult to work or takes poor pictures. Take the images you want, edit them quickly with these apps, and then save them to your cloud storage for easy access. When you flip through memories years from now, you won’t be sorry you took such care to get great images of your experiences.

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