IOS8 – 6 Tweaks For A Fuller & Better User Experience

With every new iOS version, Apple intends to bring in the best user experience for its global customer base. Surpassing the features and functions of iOS6 and iOS7, the all-new iOS8 has already started creating a wave in the world of iOS app development. As a tremendously amazing mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch; iOS8 has been loaded with new and customer-driven features such as improved Messages, a fresh design, brilliant Continuity features, a new Photos app and many more. Although the operating system is competent enough in making your life simpler, performing some simple tweaks can allow you to make the most of it. In this blog, I’ll be discussing about six tweaks that can make room for a crisp and clear user experience with iOS8.


1. Customization of Notification Centre

With notifications being one of the major component of a smartphone, Apple has offered users an incredible flexibility of customizing the Notification Center- a screen that is displayed when you swipe the display from top to bottom. Here, you can ensure that all the apps installed in your device have been updated for iOS8. For this, simply go to the App Store-> Updates and tap on ‘Update All’. Thus, for all the apps that have implemented widgets, you can choose to tap on ‘Edit’, followed by tapping on the + icon to add the chosen apps. Thus, you’ll be able to see all the added apps within your Notification Center.

2. Keep a watch over the battery usage

Apple product users have been regularly complaining about the battery life of their devices. Fortunately, with the inception of iOS8, this is no more a point of concern because by following some simple steps you can easily check the battery usage. Just go to Settings-> General-> Usage and tap on ‘Battery Usage”. Here, you’ll be able to view all the apps that are eating up a major portion of your device’s battery.

3. Taking full advantage of Continuity and Handoff features

Continuity and Handoff are two amazing features that have been introduced in iPhones, iPads and Macs along with the release of iOS8. While Continuity allows you to answer a call on your iPad or Mac once the device has been updated to iOS8 and Yosemite; Handoff offers you the flexibility of logging in two different iOS devices via a single iCloud account, letting you work on the document that you left incomplete on one iOS device. As a possible tweak, you can make Continuity and Handoff work seamlessly on your iOS device. Well, with Continuity, you can choose to start a call on your Mac by selecting multiple contacts and continue the call on your iPhone by simply tapping on the green bar available on the screen. Also, you can configure Handoff by simply opening the Settings-> General and selecting “Handoff & Suggested Apps”.

4. Hide photos if you want

With iOS8, you can gain access to a remarkable feature that can allow you to hide all your photos without the need for deleting any of them. All you need to do is open the Photos app, simply tap and hold a photo that you intend to hide and an option to “hide” the picture will appear on the screen. Thus, you’ll be able to remove the chosen photo from Moments, Years and Collections section, storing them in a separate Hidden album.

5. Fans of Black and white can have their iPhone with a Greyscale mode

If you’re an avid fan of vintage flare, then you’ll probably love this tweak. Well, just go to General-> Accessibility and simply turn on the device’s Greyscale mode. Once you’re done with this, everything viz: your home screen, apps, emails etc. would appear in black and white shades.

6. Stay abreast with important email threads by setting up notifications for email replies

While using iOS8, you can stay notified about all the replies that have been received for the emails sent by you. For this, you just need to set up notifications for email replies. This can be done by simply opening the email you want the receive the notifications for, tapping flag icon placed towards the bottom left corner and finally tapping on ‘Notify Me…’ text. At any time, when you want to stop receiving notifications for the respective mail, just tap the ‘Stop Notifying’ option.


So these were the six simple tweaks that can easily enhance your iOS8 experience. I’m sure by now you’d have decided about the moderations that you’ll be performing for your device in the forthcoming days.

Addison Cohen is an iPhone app developer working with Appsted Ltd, a renowned company delivering top-notch iPhone app development company. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, android development processes.

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