8 don’ts for maintaining a seamless social media page for your company

Social Media has definitely come up as an excellent platform for businesses to engage and interact with real customers who’re looking for top-quality products and services. Irrespective of what your business message is, getting indulged in social media marketing can aid you in growing your clientele by huge bounds and leaps. Uploading images and text on different social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, can help you reach global customers within just a matter of few hours. Yet, there are times when promoting your business via social media can result into jeopardizing your business. Through this post, I’ll be offering you an in-depth insight on eight of the most important don’ts that need to be kept in mind while posting business-related matter on your company’s social media page.

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Why actually you need a social media page for your company?

Getting noticed over the World Wide Web is surely not an easy job. If you’ve invested in building a fully-functional website, it’s beneficial to indulge in social media marketing. Social media plays a big role in the visibility of a website in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. For example, if you create a Twitter account in your company’s name and operate it in a seamless manner, you can definitely grow your clientele by attracting genuine clients residing in different corners of the world. In addition to this, a well-maintained social media page also offers you the opportunity of controlling your business’s online image as you’ll be aware about the positive as well as negative things that are being talked about your company. Last, but definitely not the least, a visible advantage of social media marketing is its cost-effective nature. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money over managing your company’s social media page. The easy-to-use features make it convenient for you to add/edit/delete matter related to your business.

Now, the 8 things you should never do on your company’s social media page

Sharing too much business information

A prominent drawback associated with social media is that anyone can share almost anything they want to share with people of the world. As an entrepreneur, you should stay away from sharing too much information whether it’s on a personal front or related to your business. Doing this will save you from the attacks of hackers, who tend to steal people’s identity.

Mixing personal information with the professional one

Most company owners and representatives often make the mistake of posting their personal stuff on the company’s social media page. In order to avoid this mistake, you must check to see the account you’re logged into prior to posting a piece of content.

Stealing content from your competitor’s social media page

Today’s customers are intelligent enough to spot the difference between an original promotional content and the one that’s been stolen from a different company’s social media page. Hence, in order to save your online reputation from being spoilt, it’s recommended to avoid copying content/images/graphics/effects from a different brand’s social media page. However, if you wish to include a content that’s crucial for your online business presence, then don’t forget to give the credit to the original author/publisher.

Talking ill of other companies

To make sure your social media page runs without a single flaw, keep away from criticizing your competitors. It looks quite unprofessional and unethical to attack or criticize your competitors on a platform that’s open for all. You may lose potential customers and prospects in case you indulge in such an activity.

Getting off-the-track

Yet another common mistake committed by business professionals on their social media page is getting off-the-track. Rather than offering useful information about the business products and services, the company owners/representatives choose to post information that is irrelevant and a mere turn-off for the visitors.

Getting too personal

Sharing too personal information on your company’s social media page can end up doing harm than good to your online reputation. It’s important for you to maintain a line of difference between your personal views/opinions and information related to your business undertaking. Make sure to post unbiased information that’ll help you attract customers who’re genuinely interested in establishing a work relationship with you.

Focusing on selling rather than engaging customers

Although the ultimate purpose for having a social media page is to sell products and services, often emphasizing on the selling part can turn to be harmful for a company’s reputation. If you too have a social media page in the name of your company, make sure to focus on engaging the target audience rather than making efforts to get them buy your products/services.

Indulging in constant arguments

Social media is highly fragile in nature and hence at times you may encounter negative comments/feedback that is posted by people who want to spoil your online reputation. Avoid lashing back at such individuals and henceforth avoiding getting into any arguments. Don’t act on emotions or else you’ll be creating a negative impact on your company’s stature.

Final Words

Social media can turn to be an effective marketing tool if used in the right manner. If used with a negative approach, the same social media page for your company can turn to be a nightmare. Avoid committing the above mistakes while posting text, images etc on your corporate social media page and make the fullest of what social media marketing has got in store for you.

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