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With the changing scenario in the technical field and with a new mobile device hitting the market each day, developing mobile websites and meeting the resolution of each device wasn’t getting the right attention by the developers, users as well as by Search Engines. Hence, the solution came as responsive web design.

No doubt that an eye-catching website design, built with a lot of patience and concentration is the heart of eBusiness. But a good looking website for a desktop resolution cannot be guarantee enough that it’ll look appealing on every device. What is necessary to create magic on your mobile device is a stylish webpage supported by its simple and clean HTML5 and CSS3 layout. A web design that automatically adjusts its height and width to fit the screen of a mobile device irrespective of their size, matching its resolution is termed as responsive design.

responsive design

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However, the HTML generated for such designs remain the same across all devices, while it is the CSS that adapts itself according to the size of the screen. For instance a 900 mega pixel image on a laptop or desktop can be reduced to 300 mega pixels for Smartphone viewing.

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WordPress being the most preferred Content Management System all over the world, today most of the companies make use of WordPress Themes to create responsive designs for their businesses.  WordPress also being the most user friendly open source CMS with minimum technicalities involved can be even operated by an individual independently without having to depend on the developers.

Tools for creating effective WordPress Responsive Designs:

No Doubt, that there are more than 50 tools for creating an effective Responsive Web Design, but experimenting with a strong toolkit can make all the differences. Here are some of the tools for creating an effective responsive WordPress designs:

Elegant Themes: They are coming out with more responsive designs. It’s really the way all websites will be in the future!

Theme forest: With more than 100s of responsive themes and templates to its credit, WordPress theme provider, Theme forest can prove to be a great help for the developers as well as for independent users to create mind-blowing responsive designs foer WordPress blogs and websites.

.net Magazine: This online eMagazine might prove to be a great help for the developers, who are seeking help in designing their responsive websites. The magazine gives an insight on more than fifty tools that are useful in creating an effective responsive design.

Twitter Bootstrap: Bootstrap has emerged as one of the new and promising web designing toolkit for the designers.  This open source toolkit helps the developers to create a responsive web design quickly and effectively with its strong base of Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript plug-ins.

Why WordPress?

With Google Trends announcing WordPress as the most widely sought after platform by  developers and users in the recent couple of years, almost all the business owners use professional WordPress themes to develop their responsive design. WordPress themes and templates being highly SEO friendly, extremely flexible and user friendly, can implement a responsive design effectively and efficiently. Themes like Corporate WordPress Themes and Socrates themes are successful responsive themes having a nice aesthetic appearance, traffic generation capability, huge target audience, etc.

WordPress has oodles of free and premium responsive themes that can be customized according to the need of the industry/ user. Themes like: WordPress Bootstraps by Twitter Bootstraps, iTheme2 by Themify, and Responsive Twenty ten are some of the widely used free WordPress themes to design responsive websites.

The WordPress Bootstrap theme developed using Twitter version of 2.0.1 contains four different templates with color variations, features and plug-ins, navigational buttons and multiple side bard, short codes, etc to choose from.


A well developed responsive design crafted using WordPress themes will undoubtedly lead to a robust return of investment increasing the visibility of the website across all devices and browsers alike, but at the same time, it will also enhance the look of the website reflecting the brands and the type of the business one’s online store deals with. Using its customizable features, one can not only create a difference by giving a tough competition to its rivals , but can allure audiences to visit your store and finally come out out purchasing an item of their choice, thereby increasing your sales.

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