Top 5 WordPress Themes for Your Restaurant (and Why They Matter)

So you’ve made the decision to open your own restaurant.You have the location, the menu and the staff. What’s missing? The answer is simple, an attractive website to your target customer base, and with the help of the Internet, you can get a great wordpress theme for your restaurant for little money, and without much trouble. Below is a list of reasons why a WordPress theme is the way to go for a restaurant website:

Benefits of WordPress for a Restaurant Website

Getting Business

Using a wordPress for your restaurant is a great way to obtain new business. By having your restaurant beautifully outlined in detail on the Internet, customers can easily click on your site and see what you are all about. Displaying tantalizing dishes on your site will make your life easier because the prospective customer will not have to call your restaurant to place an order. They simply click on the picture of the dish, and their order is placed! This allows you to easily get new business as well as keep your current customer base happy.


Utilizing a good wordpress theme for your establishment will enable you to easily get feedback from your customers. This is very important information that will help you make changes in your restaurant, if needed, and also keep the customer happy. Every good business owner knows the value of feedback, and the restaurant business benefits greatly from this. By listening to your customers, you can improve your restaurant tenfold.


There are many, many wordpress themes on the Internet that are either free of charge of very affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a beautiful, inviting website for your customers to browse. A wordpress allows you to showcase your food in a manner that is as easy as the click of a button.


Here’s where the fun begins! You can make your website as creative as you want with just a few simple ideas. Customizing your website with wordpress is what will make your restaurant stand out from your competitors. This is the time to showcase what you have to offer, and make it your own!

Because there are so many different WordPress themes, it can seem overwhelming at first. Below explains how to get started and gives you a few specific themes that might work for you and your restaurant.

Great WordPress Themes to Get You Started

If you want to get started in creating a wordPress that is right for your restaurant, just click on the Internet and type in “wordPress”. You will be amazed at all the ideas and companies that are willing to help you. Do your research, and you will discover the right wordpress for your business. Whether you want to market your food specialties, drink specials, or seasonal specials, it can all be done via wordPress marketing. In case you need a little help getting started, here is a list of five of my favorite themes for restaurants:

MyCuisine Restaurant 

my cuisine

A great theme from Elegant themes, this option is definitely one of my favorites. It offers a lot of cool, unique options that you won’t find with some of the more standard themes, so it’s great for a restaurant with a very prominent style.

Restaurant Theme

Restaurant wordpress Theme



As a customer, I love having Google Maps on a website and I love when photos dominate the design. This theme has both. It’s a bit more advanced than others, but if you’re up for a challenge it’s worth it.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant wordpress theme

A pretty standard WordPress theme, but I find it’s great for beginners. You can change the colors easily and create a slide show that keeps changing.

Restaurant Pro

restaurant pro

One of the most popular designs, this was created for restaurants. It allows you to change every aspect of your website without having to hire a designer!


This is a premium theme, so you have to pay for it, but some do find that it looks the most professional.

The Internet has given new and creative ways to market your restaurant and make it profitable. Years ago it would have cost thousands of dollars to get your restaurant website up and going, but today you can do it very cost efficient and quickly with wordpress. Having a great wordpress theme for your restaurant is a terrific way to add revenue to your business with very little effort. Use the power of the Internet to help make your business a success!

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