5 Common web design mistakes you better need to avoid

Web Designing is an art. If you’re good at visualizing things then a career in web designing is your best fit. You can either choose to work as a freelancer or as a full-time graphic designer to fulfill your client’s requirements. As you start working on some really awesome web design projects, it is absolutely necessary for you to get familiar with some common mistakes that are being committed by web designers across the globe. My basic aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with 5 of these common mistakes you need to avoid while executing web design projects, both small and complex ones.

Mistake No.1- Neglecting the importance of paperwork


Now that you’ve chosen to build a career in web designing, it is important to pay attention to the paper work that’s involved with a web design project. You need to give emphasis to the contracts, proposals and other paper work that form crucial elements of every web design project. With a contract in hand, it becomes easier for you to avoid entering into any unwanted misunderstandings with your clients.

Mistake No. 2- Poor first drafts


Many web designers often tend to submit their very first draft in a sloppy way. They don’t pay attention to the quality while submitting their first draft. Well, this is a mistake that you need to avoid in your web designing projects. You must name all the layers included within your design in addition to creating a grid and making swatches. I recommend you spending a good amount of time on your first drafts because these are in a way your stepping-stones towards the ladder to a rocking web-designing career. It is necessary to maintain clarity in your designs because clear designs are easy-to-interpret and connect with.

Mistake No.3- Ignoring the importance of sketching

web design sketching

Becoming a professional web designer is not rocket science. You can easily hone your skill set by taking up innovative web design projects. There are times when you may feel that you don’t require sketching your ideas. Well, this is a wrong thought and must be combated. By sketching your ideas on a piece of paper, you can actually figure out the approach of designing. As compared to jotting down your ideas on the screen, doing it on paper is a better option primarily because you can easily edit and erase as you go.

Mistake No.4- Learning on the go

 web designer

Well, learning as you work is never an ideal approach to web designing, especially when you’ve to follow stringent deadlines. Obviously, there might be situations wherein you may want to incorporate a code into your design. Even if you choose to copy paste the code just like that, what if it doesn’t work at the end. You’ll probably tend to mess up everything. Hence, it is recommended to stay with your design from the beginning until the final project delivery. Even if you feel the need to add something to your design, opt for hiring a professional who knows how to do the job well. Once everything is being done perfectly, you can always ask the professional to teach you the technique of adding the new feature.

Mistake No.5- Inadequate web design testing

web design testing

Testing is indeed one of the favorite web designing stages among web designers. It is essential to find how a web design looks perfect in one browser and awful in a different one. Some web-designing experts neglect the importance of testing their web designs on different web browsers and devices. You shouldn’t make this mistake in your projects. Rather, always make it a point to perform extensive testing of your web designs for responsiveness. Remember, a clean code always works wonders for a web design and if you’re able to deliver one, no one can stop you from creating a unique niche among globally recognized web designers.

Wrapping It All Up

So, that was a list of five common web design mistakes you need to stay away from. Hope you’d have loved the compilation and would definitely keep these mistakes in mind in your future web design avenues. Remember the fact that a well-coded design has the potential of impressing everyone. A little bit negligence in designing can easily ruin excellent ideas.

Have you committed any of the above mistakes during your web-designing career? If yes, do share your experiences using the comments box below.

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