Enjoy Google’s Web Designer Tool with Doozy HTML5 Features

In September 2013, Google had launched a free Google Web Designer tool for Windows, Mac and Linux as a beta release that allows people to build highly interactive and advanced HTML5 websites and ads.

In the last one year, the tool got only minor updates, but recently Google has released a new and major update that brings lots of new features to this high-end software. Moreover, the company also informed that ads that are developed with GWD tool have been seen more than 2.5 billion times.

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When it comes to the majority of viewers, approximately 72% of public is outside of the US and 20% are returning users. For all the online marketers and web designers, who wanted to develop ad campaigns, tailored to different screen sizes like from desktop to mobile phones, tablets then this high-end tool becomes more useful and beneficial.

The best thing about this update is that it comes with ability for designers to make any new element in a web page interactively and update timeliness, which offers granular control for designers. We all know that Google gives very strong attention for GWD tool on producing interactive ads. Though, the tool is known for offering lots of ad-centric features and users are able to use it to develop any other kind of content as well.

The all new version comes with an important and deeper integration with that service, so if you are looking to develop ads with GWD tool, you can proceed. Further, it also allows you to publish your creations openly to DoubleClick Studio and all those ads will be automatically tagged with the right account, campaign information and advertiser.

For advertisers, Google’s AdWords is also supporting HTML5 ad creative from GWD tool and it marks for first time that AdWords can also handle HTML5 ads. According to Google, all those flash ads are uploaded to Adwords and will be automatically converted to HTML5 too.

It is good news for all the advertisers and other users that the lots of new animation tools have been added to web designer tool. In the tools, the team has revised the animation timeline to include some features like timeline events, animation scrubbing, auto key-framing and more that make it a lot easier to develop animation inside the tool.

Additionally, the team has also added some new 3D features that can make animation more interesting. There are lots of other features as well such as integration with Google Drive that can make it a lot simpler to share GWD tool files with others and more.

By looking these high-end features that has been added by the company in GWD tool, most of the people feel surprising as they are thankful that the company continues to invest in GWD tool.

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