WordPress Themes: Top 5 do and don’t if we avoid plugins

The WordPress is an essential software program which is web-based and it is mainly used by the bloggers to maintain their blogs and website. Initially it was used for making the blogs but the changes were added with the help from the Open source group. This group includes the efficient programmers working in the WordPress, who have helped to improve the capabilities of the software.

The designs involved in the WordPress are mainly based on the Themes. The theme makes the web page more attractive to the viewer and as a result, the bloggers tends to use a wide range of themes styles in their blogs. The themes are mainly composed of CSS, which is Cascading style sheet, most importantly images along with web page layouts. With the help of these tools the bloggers can make necessary changes as well as alter the page as per the requirements. Pre-existing themes can also be used in the WordPress and page layout which is created in the Photoshop can also be used for designing the page.

Wordpress Plugins

The bloggers should follow the following steps in case they are avoiding the plugins in the blogs.

Don’t try to hack the core

The first important rule while developing the WordPress theme is, the blogger should not change the core, any kind of modification would lead to problems. But in case if it becomes unavoidable for the blogger to avoid hacking the core, then on the trac a path should be submitted. This will be simply included in the core.

There are some specific reasons for avoiding modifications of the core.

In case of any update which is being released for the WordPress will surely overwrite the changes made by the blogger. And the result will be, the blogger have to re-add the changes manually without any other options in hand.

Even if the blogger is successful for making the necessary changes, still the changes will lead to breaking off plugins as well as other major aspects of the WordPress.

The changes can also become a security hazard for the website.

Do the required Enqueue scripts and essential styles

The queuing of the necessary files are well managed by the WordPress and it ensures that the files are loaded at the perfect time without any delay as well as ensuring the other required files to be installed. In the init action a blogger should not add much resources directly as it has some bad impacts. Because, in case the file is already loaded there would be no other means to check, secondly; while loading other pages which includes the styles and the scripts, will be loaded with init call on each and every page, lastly; the file which will be loaded might cause other troubles with the plugins. The speed for loading the page gets decreased due to the file gets loaded.

Must use the WordPress core choice

It is indeed easy to assimilate the theme options for building a theme as per his choice but in real this is not useful for the bloggers. It is advised not to make any changes in the theme options but a very nominal change that can be made is to include the date format option without customizing the time/date formats.

Don’t try to hardcode the URLs

Using the hardcode for the URLs is not at all a good choice for the theme. It is preferred to select the available actions.

Use the nonces for creating the form validation

The Nounces stands for Number only used once, it is a useful way to validate the form submitted from the blogger expects it to come. These pages are found when a page is selected for refreshing it and it leads to duplications of the submission. This feature is very helpful for the CSRF for doing a sensitive task which includes for deleting any post.

Don’t use the plain text option for emails

Bots is indeed a brilliant idea for preventing the spam which also converts the email details into the HTML elements, instead of using plain text option which is viable to get harvested by the spam bots. But the bloggers does not need to worry at all since the WordPress has developed useful functions for taking care of the antispmabolt.

These are the basic guide while a blogger is working on the WordPress theme with aid of plugins and without it. The blogger must have the proper knowledge about the theme building techniques which will help them to design their blogs easily.

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