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Do you want to use your site to sell products? You don’t need to manufacture anything. You don’t need to purchase and stock anything. You don’t even need to ship anything out. All you need is a comparison theme.

Comparison WordPress themes let you compare different merchandise from different websites and give potential buyers a wholesome and fulfilling purchase experience. You can use it to allow a visitor to compare different products, both features and prices. Often, with more options a visitor is more inclined to buy! The comparison theme provides a platform that allows for the casual visitor to skim through merchandise and possibly make an unexpected purchase. In return, you get a small percentage of the value of the purchase. Welcome to the world of Comparison themes!

Entrepreneurs have always been around, both online and offline. Since the web is easily the biggest global marketplace now, the number of sites with an entrepreneurial slant is increasing rapidly. Comparison themes are extremely popular amongst WP bloggers with entrepreneurial ambitions and for those looking to expand as well.

There are a large number of comparison themes available. But to give your blog that cutting edge, it is essential to select the right theme for your WordPress site. The two factors that are key are ease of use or customizability and appearance.

Pick, choose and use

We look at a few features of the best comparison themes, to give you an idea of what is best for you.

Price Compare

price compare wordpress theme

Want something user friendly? Despite its apparent simplicity, this is a very comprehensive comparison theme. A visitor can use this theme to compare prices from all over the internet and choose the cheapest. Don’t let its lack of complexity fool you. It has all the characteristics that are essential in a good comparison theme.

This theme doesn’t offer the standard set of skins. It does one better. There is a Style and Colour options panel that lets you customise it as per your taste and requirement. Well worth the $65, the user has unparalleled control over the navigation panel and all other facets of the website. Once you setup the data feeds, it is very easy to access products and tweak them as required.


comparisonpress wordpress theme

The ComparisonPress theme is a product of Premium Press and like their other themes it is to-the-point and business-oriented with good marketing potential. The beauty of this theme lies in the organization and presentation of its catalogue of products, which is exactly what a purchaser is looking for. The theme enables you to seamlessly access and use the products available on eBay and Amazon. Not only can the owner add products, visitors can do the same too!

A website using this theme will undoubtedly be a persuasive tool in marketing featured products. To enhance its value and increase coverage, it has been SEO-optimised. This theme gives you the facility to place affiliate links and ad boards at appropriate places. ComparisonPress theme is an ideal option for a websites that seek to maintain an extensive catalogue and is priced at $79.


compare wordpress theme

Compare is a very professional and powerful theme that packs quite a punch. With its array of customisable options and widgets, the theme can be changed to suit every purpose. Despite the professional look of the website, it is amazingly easy to use for both the user and the visitor. The design builds confidence in the buyer while also making it very easy to use.

Using the theme options available and widgets, one can manually add products, import CSV product feed, manage advertising, synchronise with twitter feeds and social networking sites.

Priced at $40, this theme can be tailored to suit your needs irrespective of whether you are a personal blogger who needs to generate cash from product feeds, an experienced affiliate who can maximize a passive income, or an internet entrepreneur. The theme is very efficient and effective in conveying the message.

The visitor is always king….

While picking what comparison theme is best for you, always keep your end user in mind. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Ensure the purchase experience is quick, simple, practical and effective. Make sure people get what they come for – a good comparison experience. There are many comparison themes made especially for WordPress. You have to find the right one for yourself and strike that subtle balance between professionalism and ease of use. May the dollars roll in!

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