10 Example of Modern and Creative Responsive Website Layouts

Responsive web designing is the highly demanding trend in website designing these days. As a website designer, it is the second thing, which I love to see while visit any website that how the page responds at mobile devices. I like to call this responsive web design in short by RWD. Most of the time, I am quite pleased to see the content on mobile devices like iPhone, if site is responding with cool features such as automatically adjusted graphics, layout, content size, font, enlargement amenity to increase the size of images, etc. With the rising popularity of iPhone, iPod, tablet, the responsive web designing is also growing. There are still a plenty of sites use this amazing technology through “jQuery Touch” and “HTML5” to utilize their innovative & attractive design on mobiles for business growth.

This blog is not only showcase the flawless responsive design skills, but inspire, inform and educate about the latest trend and desperate to implement it in your own website. Feel free to click images and see the responsive glory with the help of coolest collection of 10 sites. Here, it is:



The implementation of a responsive website design on “Wendy’s” site gets quite excited to me, when I see this website. If I talk about a chain of fast-food websites like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King and many more, then I observe that these sites are not as much attractive as we can see Wendy’s. A very fresh and friendly look with bold and big images’ features responsive web design. This site has simple and eye-catchy navigation and the important thing is mobile-friendly as well.

Town & Country


It’s a wonderful trend to have more and more re-vamping images related to different countries and their trend by utilizing responsive design to increase online presence. A very elegant typography is used to manage site with the same look on computing devices as well as mobile devices. The slider effect is efficiently used with quotes that create ease for readers to read content hassle-free.

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


This site is perfect for those parents, who are very busy in their life. With bright colors, unfussy design and whimsy touch of “Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh” site make it inviting with the help of simple navigation, slider effect and various multimedia elements. There is no need to download any separate mobile application, you can go to hunting this site because this responsive site allows you to use their endless navigation tabs by your fingertips.



This has updated its home page a few weeks before to make it mobile-friendly responsive website. As compared to previous one look of NPR, this new responsive home page is incredibly inviting, user-friendly, interactive and open. This new design has greater caliber to provide a variety of content and consume it via different devices.



Another simple website having incredible responsive design and the elements of that site never detract purpose of this site. The fresh slider effect, incredible navigation and easy to readable content for users’ convenience is used that make “CSSChopper” more interactive, mobile-friendly and open.

HTML Panda


A wonderful responsive website design that having more re-vamping images, which helps to attract maximum people and increase online visibility. Interesting layout, graphics & efficiently manage content.



Certainly more modern looking website it is than the other government websites that I have ever come across the web. Truly, AIDS.gov has amazing look and feel because of the integration of RWD. When we see bulk of .gov sites, then we observe too much difficult features, navigation and tough to open the menus link on mobiles. But, this site is really feature-rich with easy to click navigation tabs & advanced approach with attractive look that do not detract from the purpose of the site.

Better Graph


A simple, yet attractive responsive website design example is “Better Graph” that includes very less images than other sites. Easy to read incredible implementation can be seen at this site. We can easily enlarge the content size according to our comfort. An effective utilization of responsive design with whimsy touch and inviting navigation to give an elegant and different look.



Truly, outstanding look and feel of website through an effective integration of RWD. A user-friendly, easy to use navigation and whimsy touch make this website advanced with the help of enrich features and elements that are used at “No-refresh”. This site enables to read and consume content through different mobile devices like tablet, iPhone, iPod, smartphone, etc.



Indochino’s responsive website has absolutely beautiful mixture of typography and images. Really high-quality images related to the brand are posted on this site. It provides ease to purchase their products, using smartphone or any other mobile device. Cool implementation of all the things in order to stay away from others. The elements, which are used at this site, do not detract the purpose of site.

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