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Designers are always on the lookout for something innovative, and out of the box. Such unique and unorthodox design is much appreciated and used by developers and designers alike. But to design such elements, they either need to develop each and every component from scratch or tweak existing templates such that it looks original yet doesn’t eat up a lot of design time.

But finding pre-developed design template is tough. A template that the designer requires might not be easily available or needs to be paid for. But thanks to DealFuel, now designers can search for a category of different design tools and templates and choose the one that best suits their requirements. Not only that, from time to time, they also let designers have some different resources for free. So read on and find out what these freebies have to offer:

200 Amazing flat icons


Icons are used in almost all fields of work, and the widespread use of the internet has further intensified the use of icons. These set of icons consists of some different characters & emotions, and can appeal to a spectrum of different applications and users. These high-quality flat images can be downloaded in different formats and used for personal as well as commercial projects.

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Food mock-up set


For culinary websites, 2 out of every 3 users are concerned about the overall aesthetics of your website. So you need to make sure that your restaurant website or food blog looks pleasing. Using these mock-ups you can create some amazing landing pages and flyers for your site. These high-resolution mock-ups are fully editable and can be used for all food industry projects.

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Touch screen gestures icons


Thanks to their usability, the use and consumption of touch screen gadgets has almost tripled in the past decade. Such an aggressive transition has called for the creation of guidelines that would aid users and tell them how to use these touch screen devices with gestures. These user-friendly touch screen gesture icons can be used in apps/ websites to elaborate their usage or in user manuals to aid first-time users. This resource is easy to use and can be downloaded instantly.

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Waterlily typeface


Handwritten typefaces are considered to be the best typeface as it portrays uniqueness in each and every stroke. That is why currently most designers are on the look-out for handwritten typefaces. This typeface consists of 80 different hand drawn characters encompassing different languages and dialects. The typefaces can be instantly downloaded and used with the help of popular editing tools.

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Free HTML invoice template


Microsoft Excel persists to be the leading tool used to create invoices for employees around the globe. Even though the creation is easy, spreadsheets cause some alignment issues, and brings forth some compatibility issues. By using this HTML based invoicing template, you can create amazingly clean invoices with ease. This template can be accessed from all major browsers and also formatted according to needs and requirements.

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Scalable Tricolor typeface


According to a survey conducted in 2014, popular typefaces are still being used for creating the content of any document. But when it comes to pushing the aesthetics up a notch, professional typefaces are preferred. The tricolor typeface can be used to create a unique font consisting of 3 different colors of the users’ choice which later can be used as website header, as flyers for marketing purposes or even as a product’s logo. These scalable typefaces have limitless implications and can be used for personal as well as commercial projects.

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Coming soon template


A survey conducted showed that when a website is under maintenance and as a message displays the tentative time when the site would be back online, is most likely to be revisited by users than those sites that simply show a static message. Using this coming soon template, you can create a custom message that would be shown when your website is under maintenance or just about to launch. The template is fully customizable and can be used to display vital information like the reason for the site’s downtime and the tentative day when it would be back online.

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Business vector badges


Badges improve readability as well as complement your website’s aesthetics. Using badges you can denote authenticity, originality and other properties of different products. Given their utility, these badges are best suited for e-commerce and auction websites and all those websites that provide some services. These vector badges have a vintage look and feel to it and can instantly downloaded and used for personal & commercial projects.

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Pricing tables and banners


Pricing tables and banners are the best way of highlighting or differentiating between different products/ plans or services. They enhance the readability of the website and reduce the need for content, thus making it clean and clutter free. This resource consists of pricing tables and banners of different styles. They are easy to work with and can be easily customized using various editing tools. These tables and banners are apt for websites that sells different commodities or plans and to present a clear distinction between them.

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Social media icons


Smartphone users spend 60-70% of their time browsing through one or the other social media. Thus, social networks have become an integral part of everyone’s life. But the use of similar icons has turned into a terrible cliché. So it’s time to spice things up with attractive social media icons. This freebie consists of 48 different social media icons, which can be used for both light and dark backgrounds. These icons are easy to work with and can be edited according to your needs and requirements.

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