How to Choose Your Walking Cane Handle

Just like any other accessories, cane handle can contribute to your image and make using your walking cane much more enjoyable. Have you ever wondered how many styles of cane handles there are, where they come from, and what their history is?

Over the years many different styles have come and gone, and a few have remained as staples in the manufacture and use of walking canes. People choose differing styles to fit their grip, provide comfortable support, and fit with their personal style.

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For instance, the classic tourist walking cane, also known as a crook handle or a j-shaped cane, is a very popular choice. It is one of the original models, first employed by shepherds and farmers centuries ago as a walking aid, tool for guiding their livestock, as well as a cudgel for fending off the wolves. This cane handle offers a comfortable curving grip as well as a classic look, and the convenience of being able to hang it on a doorknob when not in use, or over your arm when you need to reach for your wallet or checkbook.

The derby handle walking cane became popular later, as a more form-fitting cane handle was needed for even more comfort and stability. The shape of this walking cane allows your hand to grasp it while distributing your weight along the shaft of the cane, creating a piece that is as functional as it is fashionable.

From the derby style came the fritz cane, which is designed in much the same way, but with an open end to keep your fingers from having to feel cramped as you grasp it properly. This cane is great for users who suffer from arthritis, or those who want a more contemporary take on and old design. Another fresh great look is the knob-handled cane. This fashionable walking stick comes in a variety of styles and designs. From the ancient, antique look of a root-knob cane to a modern ball-clock handle, this style offers the cosmopolitan appeal that few others can bring to any outfit.

Of course there are more styles of walking canes and cane handles to choose from, including ergonomically designed palm-grip handles, fashionable tuxedo canes, animal canes, special gadget cane, military canes… The list can go on and on. Our main advice to you is: before you make your purchase, make sure you consider the style of handle you would like. Give a thought to how it will feel to grasp, as well as what it will bring to your outfit and your image as a whole.

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