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Design: The Most Important Element for Websites

Design is the big thing these days, both on the web and in multi-media. Of course, down through the ages, design has always been important, whether one is speaking of the Sistine Chapel or Ford’s Model T or even film posters.

In today’s world, we are inundated with good and bad design through many different avenues, including the aforementioned movie posters, billboards, television and most recently, the Internet. Most of it we take for granted, yet design is a key factor in the making or breaking of any product or event.


For a professional and attractive web presence, excellent design is crucial. If you want your website to be taken seriously then good design is the key element on which to concentrate your efforts. So, whether you are a professional designer or an amateur developing your own website, there some great resources in the Internet world, that you definitely should become acquainted with.

Design Resources

Day 79 - f o c u s

When the Internet was younger, quality design tools were not only mind-blowing, they were also pretty expensive. Many of the staples of design are still at our fingertips and although they have been around a while, they have stood the test of time and are certainly great products. Obviously, one of the most well-known and useful tools for design is Photoshop. This incredible and popular design tool is famous for great image editing capabilities. Of course, Adobe Illustrator is always a fantastic design tool and is especially useful when using or creating vector illustrations.

Free Resources

The Colorful Library of an Interaction Designer (Juhan Sonin) / 20100423.7D.05887.P1 / SML

Nowadays, one can still buy these renowned design tools but luckily there are also some open source alternatives that are free, And if you are willing to work through any free alternative’s digital process, which can sometimes be a little less user friendly, they may be just what you are looking for. One popular free program, similar to Photoshop, is Gimp. Inkscape is a program that is similar to Adobe Illustrator and is also a free alternative that is excellent for creating vector illustrations.

Speaking of vector illustrations, Dezignus is another resource for free (that’s right FREE) vector illustrations. The site has an incredibly large selection available for downloads and is continually increasing its available inventory.

You Want Color? You Got Color!

Color your World

If you are looking for great color, and support in making your site’s colors work, then the best choice is This site will provide the help you need to make your site color scheme attractive. Another superb source for design tools to complement the color is deviantART.

Don’t Forget the Fonts

Periodic Table of Font Elements 1.1

And of course, the use of typography and the various fonts should be your No. one concern when planning your website, so do not neglect this important aspect of design. is a font resource website that has an incredible array of free and easily accessible fonts. This site is a must for all designers.

So, there is your list of some great design resources on the net. Now you have no excuse to not create a fabulous site!

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