10 Flickr Groups for Reflection Photography Inspiration

Want a new camera gadget that doesn’t cost hundreds or even thousands? Try a mirror or a puddle. Photographing reflective surfaces is a great way to show off skill and ingenuity. If you’d like your photography to play with point of view, explore multiple views of a subject, and use landscape reflection to show space and scale, then look to these great Flickr groups for inspiration.

1. Riflesso/Reflections

Kayak sobre las nubes / Sailing in the sky

Buildings, sunsets, self-portraits: This group is full of reflective photography’s great standbys. Yet Riflesso imbues them with an undeniable graphic panache. Start here to see reflective photography with the bar raised high.

2. Photoreflections


Perhaps because of the contest aspect (post one, award three), this group showcases well-considered, skillful shots. Come here to see unusual interpretations of reflections: shadows, windows, metal, Photoshopped images.

3. Reflections

Boat reflection

This is a great place to get a quick fix of inspiration. The photos here are more playful and witty than the baseline for reflective photography.

4. Reflections Spiegelungen

Orange Reflections

In contrast to the lighthearted “Reflections” group, Reflections Spiegelungen has an edgy, cosmopolitan feel. Come here to see urban scenes with a hint of futurism, and comparatively few mountain over a river scenes (though the few included nature scapes are stellar).

5. Reflections/Distortions


The specialization of this group inspires photographs both great and mundane. For every shot of a Christmas ball there is a weird and irreproducible juxtaposition of light on the street; for every blurred waterfront landscape, there is a surreal experimental shot that highlights color and composition over content.

6. Fragmented Reflections

2007-04-04 The fifth column

Despite the preponderance of cool-toned mirrored building shots, this group is far from monotonous. The focus of these photos is the often-unintended patterns formed by a series of reflections. Come here to forget architecture and just focus on the interplay of lines, repetitions, flaws, and movement.

7. Sideways Nature Reflections on Water


Want to analyze the composition and movement of a design? Turn it on its side. Sideways art escapes context, leaving form, movement, and color. This group’s photos are a field trip through nature photography – some are magnificent displays of organic motifs, and some just plod. (And some look like faces. Thanks, pareidolia.)

8. Abstract Reflections

Reflection of leaf

Since this group focuses on abstract photos, the design strikes first; after a delightful pause, the content of the picture is a delayed bonus prize. This group raises the bar high for skill. Not a muddy mountain scene in the lot.

9. Windows of Reflection

Windows reflected

And now for something different: This group is for light reflected off of other surfaces, rather than the reflector itself. Come here to see images projected, providing only hints of the form of the reflector. Stay for the ghostly, storied timbre of this pool’s oeuvre.

10. Reflections of…

Desktop Wallpaper with Water Reflection

This supergroup has more than 3,000 members, and yet manages to consistently surprise. It seems to cull the reflective gems from contributors who don’t specialize in reflective photography. As a result, many of these photos bring something fresh to the format. Come here to find a masterpiece, and stay to post your own.

These are just 10 of numerous “reflection” photography groups on Flickr. Spend a little time and you’ll probably find some inspiration of your own.

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