How To Stay Away From Prevalent WordPress Blunders: 7 Tricks

There are not two opinions on this fact that WordPress is a popular content management system among the bloggers all across the world. The reason of its popularity is not only its easy to feature, but also it is packed with other great features that make it quite user-friendly. Undoubtedly, this platform provides a great way to manage the content, but there are 6 common mistakes that must be avoided at the time of using it:

7 WordPress blunders

Selection of inferior quality themes

A user has to be very careful at the time of choosing a theme to use for his WordPress blog. Even they select a theme with premium tag, but it might also come with malicious code that will expose the blog to get attacked by hackers or spammers. Before selecting a theme, you should take some time out to conduct some research. Make sure that the source you have chosen is able to provide you some quality themes. You can also read out the review regarding the quality of the theme.

Going ahead with the unaltered permalink structure

WordPress carries a default permalink structure for showing the post URL’s at the time of its installation. The URL of the posts appears as, which seems really unprofessional and does not provide any kind of SEO benefit. Therefore, it is crucial to alter the permalink structure in order to display the name of your post. In this way, the blog will be displayed as

Permalink Structure

Keeping the default username unchanged

For WordPress blogs, the default username is ‘admin’. Being aware of it, hackers are likely to use ‘admin’ as the username and might succeed to get access to your blog. Therefore, it is essential to change the username in order to make it unique. This will help you keep your blog protected from the access of hackers.

Neglecting the updates from WordPress

WordPress always releases updates for plug-ins and themes. But, there are many users, who do not take these updates seriously and simply ignore them and increase the security risks for their blogs. Therefore, they must not ignore the new releases and updates from WordPress as it will help them make their blogs less vulnerable to attacks.

WordPress updates

Installing unnecessary plug-ins

WordPress provides various plug-ins that help you make your work simpler and easier. However, these plug-ins also expose your blogs to different types of security risks. In addition, the presence of too many plug-ins can also slow down the loading speed of the blog. Therefore, you should make sure that the plug-in is really essential before installing it.

Using the images without taking permission

For any blog, images are one of the most crucial elements. The reason is quite obvious that they add value to the content are useful for drawing the attention of the visitors. But, you have to be very careful during choosing images in order to add to your blog. You can be caught for violating the copyright laws by using these images without any permission as these belong to someone else. Therefore, you should not go to Google Images and download any image, which you think appropriate according to your purpose. Instead, you can visit one of many online galleries that provide premium stock images for free.

Unable to backup your blog

Being a user of this platform, you must be aware of the fact that WordPress blogs are being attacked by hackers continuously. The situation gets worse if you do not backup the blogs and might end up losing the data when hackers target your blog. Therefore, you should go ahead with essential measures in order to prevent such problems. The best is to backup your blog. There are diverse premium and free plug-ins on WordPress that are useful to create a database. This includes BackupBuddy, BackWPup & VaultPress.


Thus, you can get the ample benefits from this blogging platform just by tacking these 7 common blunders. Make sure that you work on all these mistakes and enjoy better results.

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