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Blog branding is a must do in today’s world in order to promote the name, look and feel of the blog over the internet. At the outset, blog branding may seem to be very easy but you need to make a special effort to successfully brand your blog. All the major corporations follow blog branding so even you must take it up to promote the interests of your business. There are five major ways to brand your blog in WordPress and these can be enumerated as follows.


1) Choose a memorable address

We all know that options like WordPress.com and Blogger.com are freely available on the net but we suggest that you use your own URL. So apart from choosing an appropriate name for your blog, you also need to get the URL for it. If you have a website, you can also integrate the blog into it. In this case you don’t need to look for a dedicated URL for it.

2) Select the theme of the blog

The theme of the blog is the basic structure for the presentation of the blog. The theme provides you with certain parameters within which you can build your blog and the related brand. There are some themes which are free while you may need to pay a small fee for the premium themes. When you choose a theme, the first task is to change the prototype text. This is very important in order to give your blog a unique identification.

3) Set a tagline for the blog

The tagline of any blog gives the reader an insight into the personality of the blog and its content. When choosing a tagline you must consider the main focus of the blog and the important keywords.

4) Choose a name for the blog

The name of the blog sets the tone for the entire blog and it also leads to telling implications in the search results. You can choose a blog name that is related to the name of your firm or product. You may also include search-friendly items in the name of the blog so that it gets a top ranking in the search results.

5) Determine the color palette for the blog

Color is an important element for branding. We know that this task lies with the graphic artist but that does not mean that you will skip this step entirely. Think about the color pattern for your blog. We just suggest that the palette should be limited to three colors only. If you are using the colors for headlines and type then make sure that they are legible. Extreme shades like hot pink are a strict no-no as you don’t want the readers to get miffed on such baseless colors.

These are five basic principles for blog branding. There are 8 to 10 more steps which need to be followed but these 5 are known as the cardinal rules. You may even think of new branding tips and add it to your own blog. Don’t brood over the branding part too much and go beyond a certain time as the main purpose is to get the blog published and move up the search engine rankings.

Alia is a blogger by profession. These days she is working with Betaout.com for their editorial workflow plugin.  She believes in the science of numbers rather than following the art of gut feeling.

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