There are many reasons why it may be necessary to make a copy of a DVD

For example, collections of DVDs may contain rare or hard to find films, and DVD copying is often a sensible step to take in order to protect the value of the collection.

DVD copying (or ‘ripping’) has sometimes been described as being “more of an art than a science” but in reality, this is no longer the case. Such a description may have been true some years ago but there are now several DVD copying software packages available, some of which are free to use.

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These pieces of software all have their own characteristics but they all tend to work in a similar way. Easy-to-use applications mean that the art and science of DVD copying has now been reduced to a few mouse clicks.

The basic work flow is almost always the same, regardless of the software used. Most copying applications have presets available in order to ensure the best results and facilitate ease of operation.

Essentially, the DVD is copied to the hard drive, usually as an image file or ISO. The software will then retrieve the image file and either burn it to a recordable DVD or, if required, directly convert the image file into an avi, mp4 or other file format which can be played directly from the computer.

There are many different formats that can be utilised for the final movie file. A key point to remember however is that usually, the smaller the size of the final file, the lower the resolution of the movie will be.

Low resolution movies generally speaking do not offer a good viewing experience. Dark images or screen environments appear pixelated or ’blotchy’, whilst fast moving action scenes lose their vitality.

In order to prevent the above, DVD copying software will often present the user with a vast range of variables that can be set, ensuring that the final copy can be of the best possible quality.

The problem with offering so many options is that for most ordinary users, especially those new to DVD copying, it all becomes rather overwhelming and, in the end, people just give up. As a result of customer feedback, application developers now usually incorporate various presets that can automatically set up the software for best results, regardless of the destination file format.

Another advantage of using presets is that it makes the whole process of copying much quicker, there being no need to spend time setting up the application.

It should of course be remembered that DVD data discs, such as those used for installing high level software applications, can also be copied. Copying a data DVD can, however, often be more difficult than making a copy of a movie, the data DVD often incorporating encryption or other copy protection coding.

Finally, it should be mentioned that whilst DVD copying for purely domestic use may be permissible, making copies of DVDs for any other purpose is likely to infringe copyright laws and is therefore to be avoided.

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