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From documents to blogs, there are so many opportunities to put your creativity to work as you choose fonts to make your work a masterpiece. Trends for fonts change from year to year as new and innovative designs and usages come into play. Trendy 2013 had several such innovations. Here ate the top typeface trends of 2013.

Creation and Creativity


It was once a collection of Courier blots, the Verdana angles – fonts had become common, unable to inspire or impress. They were merely accepted, with all shades assumed to be essential. And the virtual world was shaped into a tedium. There was simply no interest to find. But 2013 yielded a new notion: that all typeface could be unique. And fonts are now no longer dull. They’re instead created by users like you! Templates can be generated online, allowing individuals to make letters (whether through adapting their own handwriting or sketching out symbols). This trend offers endless possibilities and the rare chance to indulge in design. And it’s sure to continue for the years to come.

Sans-Serif Certainty

Soft circles, Gothic curls: fonts were once dominated by excess. Sites were filled to the exaggerations of letters, with serif fonts believed to be the only option (within it were the Times, Didot, and Georgia selections; all of which were used for web design). But 2013 hasn’t favored this trend. It has instead reversed it, relying now on sans-serif fonts to carry most of the text. Explained simply, sans-serif is any form of type that lacks strokes at the end of each characters. And this basic – but no less potent – style offers reader convenience. It can be viewed with ease and will not distract. Information is now being tailored to stylish simplicity, and this should become the new goal.

Braced for Boldness


A word waits idly on a page, its letters meager, its strokes shallow. It offers no drama. It provides no reward. Instead it is delicate, dismissed by readers, lost within the confines of a blog. Plain words are without visual interest, and 2013 has finally branded them unworthy. One of the most exciting trends of the year is the sudden and glorious dependence on bold styles. Typefaces have been chosen for their variety and the many the impacts they can offer. And the formerly anemic fonts – which lacked all italics and sizing capabilities – have been forgotten. The desire is instead to impress and, when coupled with programs like OpenOffice (which allows all modifications to be made quickly), that desire succeeds.

Typefaces are changing. Trends toward boldness and the acceptance of sans-serif fonts are allowing the creative-minded bloggers and writers across the globe to mix things up. The shift toward new styles, including ones that you can create yourself, is providing endless possibilities. The Internet and the printed page are now filled to uncommon textures and unusual designs – creating far better experiences and far greater appeal.

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