Innovation at Its Best: Top Future Trends in Web Design

Web Designing trend is always been changing with each passing year, each year is always been new for everyone especially for the web designers. Web designing experts are looking for the new and innovative way to make improvement in the web designing trends, before going to the new trends in the web designing lets us take a closer look on the current trends which are still being using by most of the web designers.

Blurred Header in the Background


Header with large background is widely use by most of the big brand website, this type of websites look awesome with the background image is blurred so that text with the stylish font will look awesome on it. Choosing header image is one of the most important things in these types of websites.



JQuery sliders are still the first choice of web designers for the homepage because jQuery sliders are easy to build and implement on static as well as on the dynamic web page. JQuery slider Websites typically have the logo on the left corner followed by the menu bar and the slider with 4-6 images scrolling with next blurred arrow. Sometime sliders carry Instant call-to-action button for the easy navigation to the feature products or service of that website.

Fake Looking corporate pictures


We all have noticed them and recognize them as the fake corporate pictures such as a gorgeous well dressed  girl with headphone in contact us page. Now these days this thing is changing most of the web designers are using real shot HD images.

Future Trends in Web Design

1.  Single Page Websites


Pages, Pages and more pages are thing of past, where websites have many internal linking with one another. Each page has loads of content, user have to navigate every-time on the different pages for the information.

Now these days single page design is in the trend, you will get all the information in the single page. It is great for the smaller websites that do not have tons of content. You can easily navigate to the content whiles these websites are heavily rely on the scrolling, Single page website are the combination of HTML5, CSS and jQuery.

2. Flat Design Trend


Majority of people called it as “Flat design” but in my point of view it must be called as the “Clean design”. Big companies are using this design technique for their main website such as Microsoft, Apple, Skype and Google with its product page.

 3. Non-boring typography

Fonts are one of the most important parts of website in terms of graphical look and appeal. Lengthy text box, sheriff fonts and tiny letter looks well in the newspaper but it doesn’t work in case of the website. Using font with the personality will decorates your website as well as it grabs user’s attention. Web designers now these days think big but they keep things simple.

4. Ribbons & Scrolling (Focus on mobile devices)


5. Dropping the sidebar



It works well for the blog and magazine websites but designers are taking chance of dropping the sidebar This allows for unfolding of content (and easier responsive Web development). This will also allow removing the crowd on the website while reading on the post.

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